To stand out in a crowded world go from the inside up.  

We’re talking about the stance you take. The story you tell. The way you frame what you do. So that you can rise above the crowd, be understood, attract others, and move people forward.

We help you get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and how to talk about yourself – and then we help you articulate that to the world.

Are you trying to take your business to the next level? Then let’s go. Climb the ladder. This is the way from the inside up.



We help you position yourself in a crowded world.



We work with you to get clear on the questions that define how your employees, your customers, and the world see your business.

Why do you exist?
Illuminating your higher purpose

What do you do?
Packaging up what you offer in a way that others immediately understand and find compelling

How do you work?
Framing your approach as an expression of your values

Who are you? 
Labelling yourself for credibility and accessibility

Where do you play?
Focusing attention on your sweet spot



Based on your strategy, we write to articulate your perspective to the world, in your own voice. The results can take many forms.

Brand Name
Your essence, distilled

A catchphrase that encapsulates why you matter

Vision & Values
The focus on which your future is built

Narratives that draw people in

Web Copy
User experiences that think like your prospects

Marketing Collateral
Materials that move customers to action

Thought Leadership & Content Marketing
Ideas that you uniquely own

We collaborate with a range of talented designers and technical partners to realize your vision.



Let’s channel your voice from the inside up.


We learn from you. We have 1-on-1 conversations with you, your team, your customers and your prospects. We’re trying to think like you. We need to speak your language like it’s our own. By the end of this phase, we’ve had doctors ask us if we’re doctors. We’ve had clients say that no outsider has ever understood their business so well.


We seek deeper truths by bringing your team together and reflecting on what we’ve learned. Inclusively and openly, we engage you to wrestle with key themes, and co-create the ideas that will define your position. We spend time getting the blueprint just right before articulation begins.


Whether we’re working on a tagline, a website, or a white paper, we achieve excellence through iteration. We write. You give feedback. We refine. You give feedback, we refine. We love testing. Feedback, refine, feedback, refine, until your story gleams: Clear. Compact. Crystalline. Targeted. Irresistible.


We are collaborators.

Josh Greenhut combines the mind of an Ivy League MBA, the ears of an expert listener, and the pen of a professional writer. Since 2004, he has channeled the voice of clients including Manulife Financial, Scotiabank, Assante Wealth Management, NewsCorp, and Oakley. Josh is a former IBM speechwriter, global researcher for big pharma, and brand manager for the best-selling children’s author Lemony Snicket.

In his  spare time, Josh hones his ability to distill complexity by writing children’s books. To date, he’s published more than 15, including those in Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures (HarperCollins Children’s Books).




A health plan analytics company. Positioning, tagline, story, web copy. www.cubic.ca

A health plan analytics company. Positioning, tagline, story, web copy. www.cubic.ca

A strategic design firm. Positioning, name, brand architecture, story, vision & values, web copy. www.bridgeable.com

A strategic design firm. Positioning, name, brand architecture, story, vision & values, web copy. www.bridgeable.com

Hazardous waste recycling program. Name, tagline.

Hazardous waste recycling program. Name, tagline.

A website for submitted teen fiction.  Name, tagline.

A website for submitted teen fiction. Name, tagline.

Benefits, investment and compensation firm. Positioning, name, story, vision & values, web copy.  www.accompass.com

Benefits, investment and compensation firm. Positioning, name, story, vision & values, web copy. www.accompass.com

Boutique communications consultancy. Positioning, name, tagline.

Boutique communications consultancy. Positioning, name, tagline.

An online loyalty currency hub. Positioning, brand architecture, web copy, collateral.

An online loyalty currency hub. Positioning, brand architecture, web copy, collateral.

While every business is different, many face similar questions.

How to differentiate from the competition
Many businesses operate in an environment of extreme competition. They routinely go head-to-head with in-house capabilities, adjacent industries, online threats, and competitors both tiny and super. By building from the inside up, an organization can find its own niche: a differentiated focus that elegantly threads the needle of its best qualities and customers’ most pressing concerns.

For a professional services firm facing competition from all directions, I facilitated the journey to a new name, a new menu of offerings, and a simple, powerful pitch. One of the largest new client wins in the firm’s history occurred the first time they tried their new story.

How to reconcile a house divided
In many companies, there are parts of the business that don’t seem to fit, or which even conflict. This is especially common after a merger or acquisition. Building from the inside up reveals how different factions can work together, in a way that makes sense for everybody, inside and out.

In sessions with a company that had “competing” B2B and B2C divisions, I discovered how the divisions’ strengths reinforced each other. This led to a new brand distillation for the entire company, a new menu of offerings, and a new pitch. With a clear understanding of how they helped each other succeed, the two sides became a united front. B2B customer acquisition accelerated in the year after launch.

How to stretch to new products/services
New products and services are a primary lever of growth. But what happens when you can’t interest customers in anything new? Building from the inside up helps position new offerings in a way that breaks through.

For a financial services giant that was struggling to interest customers in multiple new products, I facilitated the development of a new brand distillation and a new offering menu. We hatched a quick, intuitive method of communicating the full breadth of the company’s services, in a way that leveraged the strengths they’d always been known for. For the first time, employees shared a common explanation — and customers grasped the possibilities. Sales of non-core products and services took off.

How to penetrate a new customer segment
How do you break into a new market? Building from the inside up shows how your unique strengths overlap with your new target’s motivations.

For an industry-leading manufacturer launching a new product line for an untapped market, I facilitated the process of brand distillation and pitch. The process heavily integrated insights from both front-line sales people and real prospects. The resulting strategy created a new category and a proprietary distribution channel, and the brand exceeded aggressive sales targets in the year after launch.

How to maintain a strong culture
Companies grow and change. When they do, they often struggle with how to hold on to what made them great, and how to grow their culture as quickly as their headcount. It can help to create an experience that everyone shares.

For a family business that had grown into a billion dollar company with thousands of employees, I helped with brand distillation and offering menu for a portfolio of brands. As they grew through acquisition, we crafted a hardcover oral history of the company, organized around key principles of the late founder – the principles that shaped their culture. The book was given to every employee, and especially new ones.



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